Monday, April 30, 2012

Visit from my mother

Two nights ago I dreamed of my mother.  She was ill with cancer but looked good.  She'd come to pay me a visit in New York.   I was in an unfamiliar home.  I was transferring some spices into spice bottles.  That was something she did.  My mother had a system for every aspect of life.  Regarding spices, she had small bottles each of which she labeled and kept in alphabetical order in a drawer.  On my last visit to my parents' home, their housekeeper of 25 years, who was totally devoted to my mother, showed me the method my mother used to transfer spices from store bought bottles into the smaller bottles using a small funnel.  Back to the dream, my mother told me she'd come to New York because she wanted to see my new home.  I was so touched she'd come despite her condition.

Death upends our relationships.  When our loved one is alive, we interact in our awaken hours.  After they die, we interact in visions and dreams.  Can it still be called a relationship? I can't answer that question.  I can only say that I am thankful for her visit and wish she would come more often.

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