Friday, April 20, 2012

Yahrtzeit for six million

This past Wednesday evening marked the beginning of Yom Ha'shoa, Holocaust Rememberance Day.  Like usual, I went to a Minchha/Ma'ariv service.  I led the Mincha afternoon prayer service.  Then, like usual, the Gabbai announced, "does anyone have Yahrtzeit for Ma'ariv?"  No one responded.  I then overheard a fellow worshiper sitting near me say quietly say to his friend, "I have Yahtzeit for six million."  A great line.  I thought to myself, yes, this evening, we all have Yahrtzeit for those killed in the Shoa.   

I was disappointed then that at the end of the Yom Ha'shoa service, not everyone joined in the mourner's kaddish.  The Rabbi led the kaddish but most just responded "amen."  I said kaddish along with the rabbi and some others, and thought, on this day, we are all mourners.  We should all be reciting kaddish, with the amens said in heaven by those whose lives were brutally ended.

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