Thursday, January 26, 2012

Missed Kaddish due to travel

Kaddish and travel are a difficult pairing. Anytime you leave home, praying with a minyan becomes more challenging. This evening I'm flying to California to visit my father (the parent I have left). Just over two weeks ago he fell and broke his hip. I booked a flight I thought would give me time to pray Mincha and Maariv (the afternoon and evening prayers) in shul before leaving for the airport. After second thought, I decided to leave earlier to give myself more time to get to the airport. Pulled in two directions, I ended up deciding that making sure I didn't miss my flight to be with my living father outweighed my obligation to honor my dead mother.  Yet the pull to say Kaddish was not easily overcome.  Such is the hold this obligation has on me.

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